Welcome, Grilboss Foundation committee! 

I wanted this to be the place you land because I am currently in the middle of a huge transition in my life! I am moving from Greene, Maine to Tacoma, Washington on July 10th. I was born in Maine, I went to college here, met my husband and got married here, and just about every memory I have is set in Maine. But for several years I have been trying to get my papercraft kit business off the ground. It turns out as charming as living in rural Maine can be, it is not a good place to start my business. So I'm taking the giant, scary, exciting jump clear across the continent! I'm moving to a place that nurtures small business, a place that has thriving markets, a place that values makers! Not to mention that Tacoma alone has about a quarter of the population of the entire state of Maine, and that means so many more customers! 

Please browse around the site, but know I am in the middle of huge changes. Changes for the better, not only just moving but a transition from mostly online to mostly in person, and a big rebranding. So I built this landing page for you, so you can get a closer look at where I've been, my process and what my students have to say! 


My growth since my last application

My last application was the winter 2017 round. I sent a sample kit, and while the contents of the kit were quality the packaging needed an update! I designed the new packaging to reflect the uniqueness and quality of what inside! 

girlboss befor and after.jpg


I used a Tyvek envelope because it was economical for me. I realized that it was pretty ugly and because it was cheap it also looked cheap. 

girlboss befor and after2.jpg


I redesigned the packaging to better reflect the quality of what's inside! I decided on this eco-friendly pillow box design because it is unique and better reflects the quality of its contents


What's to come!

When I arrive in Tacoma, I plan on completely rebranding my company! I will have a fresh start for a company that I've been trying to get off the ground for years. Here is a mood board that will be a jumping off point! I made a Pinterest board with more inspiration for my new, old company! https://www.pinterest.com/yakawonis/2018-mood-board/


My Process

I wanted to give you an insider look at my paper flower design process. Because I might not be great at branding design, I'm a full-blown badass when it comes to paper flower design!

1. I start with fresh stems and look at it from every angle.

2. Then I tear the flower apart, investigating each component to the flower. 

3. Next, I flatten each element, it looks ugly but the information gleaned is invaluable! 

4. Then I take all of that information and let it flow into Abobe Illustrator; I have a deep love of Illustrator, and after over a decade of using it every day, nothing allows my ideas and intentions flow more freely. 

5. Finally, I print on this exquisitely thin paper and assemble the flower. More often than not I will go back on to the computer and refine the design, print assemble, repeat, repeat, repeat until it is perfect!  

tulip and iris.jpg

I take these designs and turn them into kits

Kits that come with everything you need. So my customers can skip all of the hard stuff and connect with the joy of making something beautiful! 



Finally, when I get to Tacoma and get set up, I plan on teaching papercraft classes based on the kits. Every student will receive a kit and learn how to make the flower with in-person instruction. I have done this kind of class at the Maine College of Art and students love it! They really enjoy getting the kits that they can take home and continue to make! But don't take my word for it. Here are some of the evaluations MECA sent me after the class, I have cropped out students names for their privacy.