more resources

Can't get enough? Here are some more resources I have because I'm obsessed with paper flowers and have been for a long time! 


The Folded Petal Group is a place to learn, ask questions and share your creations! I'll be sharing what's new and upcoming events, and I'll be here to answer any questions you might have. 


Instagram is probably my favorite social media spot! Follow me to find out what I'm up to right now! I also post the next projects I might make and I let you vote! 

My Paper Flower journey

My paper flower journey has been a years-long exploration. Way back then I had a free Wordpress blog. Here you'll find my wedding paper flower journey where I mad literally hundreds of paper flowers for my wedding. To a really cool series of free how-to posts teaching how to make rare and endangered flowers in paper. Just keep in mind these tutorials were created many years ago, and many of my methods and the paper I use has changed a lot!