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I'm Sarah Yakawonis and I'm an artist obsessed with art history and paper flowers. I take in-depth research, tons of trial and error, elbow grease and a pinch of magic and turn it into paper flowers based on great works of art throughout history! I turn those flowers into paper flower kits. I started Folded Petal to showcase these projects and share them with the world! 

I am a paper artist living deep in the forests of Greene, Maine. I graduated from The Maine College Of Art in 2009, that summer I went to NYC and saw a show at the Museum of Design that would change my life. It was called Slash: Paper Under the Knife and it showcased paper art from around the world. I came home knowing paper art was my medium, I just wasn't sure what form it would take. My first paper love was a medium called quilling, you can see more of that at

Then in 2013, while I was helping a friend with a DIY wedding I became positively charmed with paper flowers. I began learning how to make paper flowers. I started with crepe paper and moved on to tissue paper. That began my search for a paper that could more truly represent the colors of flowers, the petals and all of the amazing details, the stems and leaves with their subtle color shifts. This time of experimentation spanned 2014-2016, and my hobby grew into an obsession. 

For years I knew I wanted to create paper flowers based on famous works of art, and all of that time I was building the paper flower skills I needed, and experimenting with paper until I found just the right pigment and paper combination. In 2017 I began to actually make this dream a reality.  I am so inspired by the great masters of history, and I LOVE the challenge of turning their work into paper flowers. Every time it is such a thrill! 

I want to share that thrill with everyone! That's why I sell my flowers in kits. I wanted to give everyone the experience of making these flowers. Making paper flowers is a meditative process, it takes a while but the results can be enjoyed forever. Making these masterpiece Inspired Paper Flowers also allows the maker to connect with art history in a really fun way. Plus the kit's lets you skip the years of research and experimentation and get right to the good stuff! 


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